What Is Locum Tenens?

Locum Tenens is a Latin word meaning “one holding a place.” In technical terms, it refers to the job that is taken to replace someone while on leave. In practical terms, it can be thought of as moonlighting or per diem. Some physicians use it to supplement their income; others do it as a career.


Why Locum Tenens?

Locums jobs are in increasing demand due to a shortage of qualified physicians. A locums job may be perfect if you seek:

  • Flexibility to serve where you want, when you want—and travel to new areas.

  • Opportunities to gain experience and build your CV.

  • he chance to test a facility before settling on a final job placement.

  • Well-paying employment between overseas volunteer projects.

Due to an aging population and other demographic shifts, many communities are unable to keep up with the local demand for qualified physicians—and are desperately seeking to fill high-paying, quality positions. During fluctuations in a facility’s needs due to higher demand, locums physicians may fill in. Some facilities even rely on ongoing locums coverage for years.

Locum tenens jobs are ideal in many situations.

These positions are often desired by:

  • Recently qualified physicians who want to gain experience.

  • Those who want to travel to new areas while building a strong CV.

  • Volunteers for Doctors Without Borders and other programs who want to earn income while in the U.S. between projects.

  • Physicians near retirement who want to stay in practice part-time.

  • Practitioners who want to satiate the current need—earning a high wage for highly in-demand work.


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