Revolutionary Physician-Led Locums—For You—Providing:

Travel & Malpractice

InterTrauma provides everything that all the other companies do, such as Travel and Malpractice coverage. That is where the similarities end.

Clear Guidance & Explanations

At InterTrauma, you’ll receive an intimate, hands-on experience led by a physician—advocating for your locums experience as if it were our own. We are physician focused, because we are physicians that work locums. We run our firm with the rigor of a medical practice—always available, and serious in our approach. Our robust services laser focus on the details—relieving you to serve your patients and thrive in a new environment. Showing up in a new hospital is not easy; but because we have done it so many times, we have made it as easy as possible for you.

A highly trained physician will:

  • Interview you in depth—getting to know your unique skills, personality, and preferences. Are you a humanitarian surgeon looking to spend six months in South Sudan, or are you a busy academic clinician with only an occasional weekend free? Is this your first time trying out locums, or is it your main thing?

  • Review your CV and place it in a standard format.

  • Locate the best vacancy based on your search criteria and strengths.

  • Facilitate your introduction/application/interview with your proposed facility’s leadership.

  • Transparently explain how the locums business works and how the money the facility pays us is being spent. See if any other company will do that!

Community of Peers & Clinical Advocacy

We offer ongoing services—especially after you start your assignments.

Unlike other search firms which move on to the next candidate, our job doesn’t stop when you sign for a position. We offer ongoing guidance and enrichment to ensure your continued growth. This means you can call us 24/7 for support—including with clinical questions—and we will work for your answers. You also can join our regular online clinical discussions to hone your practice skills.

Technological Solutions

BONUS: Our strength as technology entrepreneurs means you will benefit from our value-added tools.

Highlights include:

  • Our HIPAA compliant software and hardware give you a virtual presence at your employer’s location for important sessions even if you are not present. Why does this matter? As a locums physician, your reputation depends on your integration with your team. Your presence at meetings gives you a voice and face to your peers, leaders, and the facility you serve. It means you will be accurately represented and can advocate for yourself and your patients’ care.

  • Our suite of smartphone tools gives you tips and tricks specific to each location. For example, we offer clinical and logistic insights, door codes, facility maps, and ideas on where to order food. It’s your survival kit that is updated by physicians working onsite, so you know it includes exactly what you need to know!

  • As the inventor of VIZR Tech, helping improve quality in hospitals, our founder includes you in his team of elite professionals who consider advancements in medical care our top priority.

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