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InterTrauma Consulting Is a Physician-Led Acute Care Surgery Staffing Group

Imagine a locums that doesn’t just hold a place, but rather drives a process


We Have Re-engineered the Entire Process Behind Locums Work, Leveraging Technology to Overcome Classic Problems, from an Insider’s Perspective


Why should a physician organize your short-term clinical assignments?

Healthcare settings are complex—and their points of entry bring unique challenges. What you don’t know is that “locums” is big business that does not always have the physician’s interests in mind. So who can you trust?

InterTrauma Consulting is revolutionary in its approach, providing you with professional, physician-led recruiting. Traditional locum tenens placement firms utilize “broker” type recruiters with little to no healthcare experience, who are motivated by their commissions. Details—like who will defend you at M&M, door codes for the medication room, and restaurants that deliver at 2 a.m.—are often overlooked, causing you major hassles while on your own at a new facility.

As a physician, you’ve likely accepted those annoying cold calls with promises of lucrative, fairytale assignments. You also know you can’t trust a recruiter who has never set foot in the facility. You are left anxious and underserved, possibly placed into an ill-fitting position—and paid less than you deserve, despite a seemingly substantial financial offer.

InterTrauma stands out from the crowd—offering personalized, physician-led locum tenens services, all designed from the physician’s perspective. From our first contact with you (which will not be a cold call!) to the time you leave the position we find for you, we’ll provide the Services you need—because we’ve been in your shoes. You don’t even know the fine print most of the time; and it’s usually more important than the sticker price.

Our founder and lead recruiter understands healthcare—and locum tenens


At InterTrauma, know that your entire locums experience is led by:

  • An accomplished trauma surgeon who knows your challenges as a physician—landing you the best position that truly highlights your skills and yields optimal results. He knows what a good gig is, the way a recruiter can’t.

  • A medical technology entrepreneur dedicated to improving quality of patient care and providing technological solutions to many of the classic problems of locums.

  • A successful consultant with extensive work alongside hospital administration—speaking the languages of both practitioners and the business.

  • A humanitarian who understands the need to balance overseas volunteer work with flexible, rewarding positions in the U.S.


“I got into the locums business to solve several problems: securing highly in-demand positions, passing more of the profits to physicians, finding technological solutions to many of the classic problems of locums, and creating a professional community of like-minded clinicians. No other company offers placement by a medical doctor who truly knows how to advocate for physicians.”

Alex Guerrero—MD, MSc, FACS